2011 - gelding - 2014 PSS Auction
Fürstin Delia
Fürstin Delia
2011 - mare - 2014 PSS Auction
Fräulein Rousseau
Fräulein Rousseau
2009 - mare - 2016 PSS Auction
2002 - gelding - 2013 PSS Auction
2008 - mare - 2013 PSS Auction
2010 - gelding - 2016 PSS Auction
Colour Rouge
Colour Rouge
2007 - mare - 2015 PSS Auction
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis
2010 - gelding - 2014 PSS Auction
2012 - mare - 2016 PSS Auction
2007 - gelding - 2015 PSS Auction
2009 - gelding - 2012 PSS Auction

PSS 2018 –
Elite Sporthorse Auction

Youngsters and Show Proven Sporthorses

October 13, 2018

The “Don’t Miss” Equestrian Event in Northern California!

Educational Talks


“PSS University” is an educational event that brings together well respected professionals from a variety of equine fields to discuss, demonstrate, and hold workshops on current topics relevant to horse and rider.

This educational program is unique in that it covers many interesting topics and uses a variety of formats to give all participants useful knowledge to take home.

2016 Speaker Panel

jochen-schleese2 Jochen Schleese
Certified Master Saddler and Saddle Ergonomist
melissa-creswick-round Melissa Creswick
S-Dressage Judge
R-Dressage Sport Horse Judge
dana-ann-dapolito Dana Ann Dapolito
Peak Performance/ Transformational Energy Coach
Reiki Master Teacher
gary-magdesian Gary Magdesian
Professor Medicine & Epidemiology
UC Davis Veterinary Medicine
abbie-whitehead Dr. Abbie Whitehead 
Ahimsa Animal Chiropractic


PSS University 2016 – Talks

Magdesian,Gary Speaker: Gary Magdesian, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC, DACVCPharm, CVA
Topic: "Pain Management in horses with NSAIDs like Equiox"
Time: 10:30 - 11:00 am
Talk Description: Dr. Magdesian is a very well respected speaker and a specialist at UC Davis Veterinary Hospital. He will discuss the use of NSAIDs for pain management in horses with a specific emphasis on the newer medications that have recently been labeled for use in horses like Equoix. Come learn more about NSAIDs so you can make informed choices about how to best manage your horse's discomfort.
pss-15-university-6669 Jochen Schleese CMS, CEE, CSFT, CSE -
Certified Master Saddler
and Saddle Ergonomist
Topic: "Don't let your saddle be a silent killer."
Time: 11 am - 12:00 pm
Talk Description: Again this year we are fortunate to have master saddler, Jochen Schleese speaking about saddle fit. This talk will use a live horse to illustrate the correct saddle fit and also to show how detrimental an incorrect fit can be for the horse. Jochen is an engaging speaker who demystifies the art of saddle fitting so the audience can clearly see where the problems lie. After his lecture, Jochen will be available to answer questions at his booth over the lunch break.
Jochen's Bio
Check out our vendor row and grab something to eat before PSS University continues.
ahimsa-logo Speaker: Abbie Whitehead, DVM, MPH, CVA
Topic: Equine Chiropractic
Time: 1:00 - 1:30 pm
Talk Description: Dr. Whitehead will discuss the details of chiropractic treatments in horses including its purpose, uses, and benefits to the animals. Time permitting, this talk may include a live demonstration on a horse who has not been adjusted before.
pss-15-university-6386 Speaker: Melissa Creswick , S-Dressage Judge & R- Breed Judge
Topic: "Evaluating Young prospects not yet under Saddle"
Time: 1:40 - 2:10 pm
Talk Description: Dressage judge and breed judge, Melissa Creswick will join us to discuss what she looks for in young sporthorse prospects who have not yet started under saddle. Many buyers choose to purchase young prospects without being able to try them under saddle. Melissa will point out some of the characteristics that make a young prospect stand out as a promising candidate. She will evaluate foals through 3 year olds for the audience. Come learn what to look for in your next youngster!
performance-energetics Speaker: Dana Dapolito
Topic: The Conscious Rider: Creating Confidence in the Competition Arena
Time: 2:20 - 3:00 pm
Talk Description: What level of confidence do you carry into the training and competition arenas? How do you become a more confident rider? What would it mean for you to consistently, confidently, uplevel your performance?
Consciously creating confidence can transform the way we ride and compete. Join peak performance coach Dana Ann Dapolito for an engaging experience into creating confidence at a foundational level. During this 45 minute presentation, Dana will talk about the importance of mental, emotional, and energetic mastery in training and competition, how the vibrational energy scale relates to the training scale, and the power of energetic connection. Participants will be treated to a live version of the EquiTations “Imagine” visualization, setting the stage for confident, connected, upleveled riding.
Questions at Dana's booth afterwards