2012 - mare - 2016 PSS Auction
Fürstin Delia
Fürstin Delia
2011 - mare - 2014 PSS Auction
Colour Rouge
Colour Rouge
2007 - mare - 2015 PSS Auction
2010 - gelding - 2016 PSS Auction
2009 - gelding - 2012 PSS Auction
2007 - gelding - 2015 PSS Auction
2008 - mare - 2013 PSS Auction
Quo Vadis
Quo Vadis
2010 - gelding - 2014 PSS Auction
2002 - gelding - 2013 PSS Auction
2011 - gelding - 2014 PSS Auction
Fräulein Rousseau
Fräulein Rousseau
2009 - mare - 2016 PSS Auction

PSS 2018 –
Elite Sporthorse Auction

Youngsters and Show Proven Sporthorses

October 13, 2018

The “Don’t Miss” Equestrian Event in Northern California!

Buying A Horse

Talk to the veterinarian

uc-davis-vet-logo Dr. Sarah le Jeune, DVM, DACVS, DECVS, DACVSMR, CVA, CertVetChiro

University of California Davis

phone: 530-304-0601


Can I talk to the on site veterinarian, Dr. Sarah le Jeune?

sarah-le-jeune1Dr. le Jeune is a staff veterinarian at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. She is highly qualified to answer your questions about any of the sporthorses in the auction collection. She has examined all horses and reviewed their x-rays herself. Dr. le Jeune will be available to personally discuss with you any of the horses you are interested in and go over their radiographs with you. She will be on site both Saturday and Sunday of the auction weekend.

If you prefer to have your own vet review the radiographs, they are available on the website on each horse’s page for you to have your vet review!

She will be on site and available for free consultations all day Saturday October 15th!

Registration and Payment

Buyer Registration Form

All buyers must register with PSS no later than 3 hours before auction begin. Once registered, a bidding card will be given out that will serve during the auction to give visual signals to the auctioneer as an intend to bid.

Sale Day Account Settlement

Buyers approved to purchase using cash, bank cashier’s check, personal checks, or approved credit card checks MUST MAKE SETTLEMENT WITHIN 1 HOUR OF THE CONCLUSION OF THE AUCTION. Buyers failing to make timely settlement will be considered in default (read paragraph(s) 10, 11, 12 Terms and Conditions) and be held accountable for unpaid amounts plus 20% of the hammer price and any expenses incurred, beginning on the date of the purchase.

Payment Agreements

Arrangements for payment may be made within 1 hour of the conclusion of the auction with Sale Management and Auction Manager and approved “only” by auction manager. ANY ARRANGEMENTS MADE AND APPROVED WILL BE NO LONGER THAN 15 DAYS FROM THE DAY OF THE AUCTION. Should full payment not be received in 15 days, you will be considered in default. See SALE DAY ACCOUNT SETTLEMENT above.

Wire Transfers

Accounts may be settled by wire transfer using U.S. funds only. Please contact Sporthorse Online, LLC for wiring instructions. Additionally, wire information should show buyer’s name as provided to Sporthorse Online, LLC on the Acknowledgment of Purchase form, the sale date and the horse’s auction numbers for which payment is being made.

Purchases By Agents

An agent for a buyer signing an Acknowledgment of Purchase is jointly and severally liable with the buyer to pay for horses purchased unless: (1) a valid AGENT AUTHORIZATION FORM or personal letter of authorization with all pertinent information is submitted to, and accepted by, Sporthorse Online, LLC; and (2) the buyer either has credit approved by Sporthorse Online, LLC or makes full payment when required.


Buyer FAQs

  • We have pre-selected a collection of top dressage and jumper horses on the West Coast using a jury of licensed judges.
  • All of the horses presented have been determined to have great potential by these experts.
  • You can review professional videos of each of the horses prior to the auction to determine which horses interest you most.
  • Come see a large group of quality horses all in one place rather than wasting time and money travelling from barn to barn.
  • All of the horses have been pre-vetted including sets of x-rays for your DVM to review.  So, there is no risk of finding your perfect horse only to find that he does not meet your vetting requirements.
  • We have the horses in consistent training for 5 weeks preceding the auction.
  • You can come and watch the horses in their daily work and try the ones you like by appointment.
  • The horses will be available for trial in a lovely professional equestrian facility, Christiane Noelting Dressage Center (CNDC). The entire auction collection will be trained and available for test rides at CNDC, a state of the art equestrian facility near Sacramento, CA.
  • Even though PSS is an auction event, consignors have the option to set a “pre auction price” on their horse.
  • Horses with a Buy Now Price listed may be purchased prior to actual auction date.
  • The option to Buy Now will expire on Friday before the auction at 6pm.
  • Similar to the regular auction sales, the Buy Now Price is exclusive of the 8% PSS commission and any sales tax that may apply.
  • The auction is actually a way for buyers looking for the perfect partner to SAVE time and money!
  • You and your trainer can view all the prospects in one place, at one time.
  • We have arranged local hotel deals for those people who travel greater distances and wish to stay locally for a few days.
  • The horses have all been pre-selected to ensure that they are top quality prospects, they are sound and healthy, and they are in a consistent program prior to the auction.  This eliminates wasted trips to see prospects that do not meet these requirements.
  • A standard set of x-rays and a pre-vet exam has been performed on all horses and is available for you and your vet to review.  So, you don’t have to pay for multiple vet exams!  However, you may arrange further vetting by appointment if you desire.
  • You will pay a standard bidders premium of 8% of the hammer price if you buy a horse at the auction.
  • By seeing many quality horses in one place and comparing them under equal conditions, you can make the best choice for YOU when you choose your next dressage or jumper partner.  This is an invaluable benefit of buying at the Pacific Sporthorse Selection!
  • You will need to fill out a bidder’s registration form prior to bidding.
  • We suggest that you register with us any time prior to, but no later than three hours before the auction so that we can provide you with a bidding number.
  • Come to our Gala Presentation on Saturday evening and enjoy the auction horses being presented during Saturday’s and Sunday’s public presentation.
  • You will need to go directly to the office once you have the winning bid unless you have made arrangements for payment pre-approval.
  • Once you have signed the paperwork and paid for your new horse, you will be given an office release to take your horse from the CNDC premises.
  • There is no additional boarding charge for horses that leave by Monday after the auction.
  • If we have to wait for funds to clear the bank, the horse must remain at CNDC until the funds clear and you will be charged a daily board fee starting Tuesday after the auction.
  • We suggest you insure your new horse and we will have information available at the auction if you wish to do so.